Chinese Designer Ziggy Chen ( Chinese : Chen Xiang ) is one of the forces behind wellknown Shanghai-based Mens' and Womens' Label Decoster ; one of the oldest designer Labels in China.This was aimed squarely at the local Chinese market.
However , in the second half of 2011 Ziggy began to experiment with developing his own personal vision and thus created Decoster Concept , a new label which reflected the Designer's growing interest in the accelerating clash between extremes : East and West , old and new etc that he was experiencing around him. The creative research behind the project, the attentive selection of fabrics and the limited number of pieces for each garment make Decoster Concept one of the most exclusive brands in China.
The experimentation progressed further and evolved into the company's first full-scale fashion show and a revamp of their Xintiandi store for the S/S 2012 collection and a foray into the European market with the AW12 collection which will be available very exclusively at a very few prestigious stores in London and Milan. After a strong positive reaction from Buyers and Industry insiders in Paris Ziggy has decided to work strongly to introduce the Label to the West this S/S 2013 season.
For the very first time his collection will bear his own name and the West will at last get to meet a strong , Independent Chinese based Fashion Label.


Ziggy Chen takes his inspiration from Shanghai : the city he lives in and particularly from the changes he sees evolving from the collision of extreme cultures : old and new , East and West , antique and modern and so many others.
This approach echoes the Chinese philosophy of Tao : the concept of taoist duality and interdependency.It is this philosophy that greatly fuels Ziggy's creative vision and power.
Ziggy also draws much inspiration for recent collections from pictures of the people of Shanghai taken between 1900 to 1920.These pictures show a very different place and mix of different cultures and people : workmen , monks, herders, soldiers.
In the lines and carefree look of the garments lies the concept of traveling, wandering through remote lands and the inspiring power of vast empty places.A love of simplicity and fine craftsmanship .Style with ancient roots that have been covered by a century of turmoil and by decades of frenzied development.
Ziggy Chen uses fabrics such as wool, hemp, and linen augmented with leather and fine cotton to craft organic pieces that are embedded with an intangible energy.
The fabrics contain a certain ruggedness offset with a classic elegance. A mix of a modern sensibility with a timeless Eastern aesthetic.