The photo shoot took place in the Atelier of the Designer and in a nearby ancient park famous for being the home of a couple who gave their house and land to the city as a memorial to the devotion they had for one another.
The name of the Label is infused with the idea of DEVOTION : to quality , beauty , purity , artisanship and so on , so this became the name and concept of the new collection.
As usual the collection is quite simple , natural and organic but with an emphasis on layering and lighter fabrics to make this possible.
The Designer wanted to concentrate on garments that would be unique in some way to DEVOA. So he created an original SLATE / GREEN GRAY by combining two different colored threads to create a new color.
After collaborating on a research video with a local Yoga Expert last season the patterns and cuts are now even more technically balanced between a tight silhouette and space for optimum freedom of movement.
Important designs use Japanese Tweed , Paper and a Mink and Wool mix.
There are limited numbers of antique fabric designs and a cashmere coat cut from one piece of cloth.
A new leather sneaker design and double-strap bags should also prove popular