STRATEAS . CARLUCCI is a new creative collaboration between Australian designers Peter Strateas and Mario-Luca Carlucci which will debut this A/W 2012 Season to a very select number of invited buyers in Paris .

Strateas and Carlucci studied Industrial and Communication Design and then went on to collaborate on a number of privately commissioned sculptural art pieces before they decided to combine these skills and apply them to the creation of a limited edition series of specially hand-crafted , collectors-item Menswear. This series of individual designs, limited and numbered like art pieces , are created using rare and native Australian skins and fabrics. The pair work closely on every step of the process : from the selection of skins, to the crust and tanning stage as well as the finishing ( for example each hide is hand waxed and oiled. )

Every garment has a handcrafted element. Whether It be hand-treated fabrications, or handmade details ; each item in the collection is individually stamped with itfs own unique number denoting where it belongs in the limited production run. Some pieces will be limited to as few as ten each and will be shared amongst collectors from across the world. Each garment is adorned by a hand cast piece of silver jewellery, which can be untied and worn separately. Every season, a new piece of jewellery is created; a precious gift to the collector from the Designers. This is to nurture a special relationship between the client and the label and to be worn with pride, in the same way a family heirloom passes from father to son.

STRATEAS. CARLUCCI has a vision to bridge the gap between collector and creator. The aim of their Studio is to merge art and design through research and experimentation into other cultural mediums and disciplines and collaboration with other artists and creators . Guided by their interest in the exploration of sculpture and the human form the overall focus of the Label is in the creation of a unique limited garment, interesting fabrications, master craftsmanship and sublime structures and fits.